Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Table

When I walked downstairs this morning, I took a picture of our dining room. You can see the extent of my Autumn decorating in this room are the leaves placed around the mirror. Other than that, this is what our dining room looks like on a day-to-day basis. After the kitchen, I would say this room is the center of our home. We eat, do computer work, and craft right at this table. 
But every now and then even the most tomboy of dining room tables likes to get dressed up and be treated like a lady. Since I am not hosting Thanksgiving this year (or more likely for many years), I decided to do a few quick mock-ups of how the table might look if I was hosting.

Look #1: Classic & clean white tablesetting.
I started with a basic white and tan checked tablerunner (*cough*scarf*cough*). Then I layered my china (which was my grandmother's from her wedding that she passed down to me!) and cups/utensils.
For the centerpiece, I decided to stack a couple antique books and place a white pumpkin on top for a little autumn-vibe. Then I scattered my famous birch tealight holders along the table.

Look #2: Where my table no longer becomes vertically challenged.
All I did was swap out the book/pumpkin centerpiece for my vase filled with dried hydrangeas.
I like how the deep red in the vase plays off of the curtains/cabinet.

Look #3: Casual gathering of friends.
If we had a few friends coming over for a simple dinner, I'd keep the table equally simple. I swapped out my grandmother's china for our everyday casual china plates. Then for the centerpiece I subbed in a bowl of pinecones. I decided to use my green glasses to add a little touch of color.
And apparently, we eat with our hands. :)

If I was truly hosting Thanksgiving I would definitely put a little more time and thought into my table setting, but for a quickie mock-up using only what I had on hand - I'm pleased as pink. Although some napkins would definitely be a nice touch and help class things up a bit.

What do you think? Which table setting do you like best? Or do you despise them all? How will you be setting your table for Thanksgiving?

ps: krystle from color transformed family passed the versatile blogger award on to me. Thanks lady!! Since Brandi graciously passed the award to me earlier, I won't make you hear any more random facts about my life. I do want to pass the award on to Ashley from Attempts at Domestication though. Just because she's awesome and then we can keep this bad boy bloggie award alive :)


  1. @ Brandi - Thanks!! I am very blessed that she passed it on to me . . . I love the sentimental meaning of it. Isn't it funny how trends come and go though? She picked out this platinum edged set back in the 50s and I think it looks like something I could have picked out this year! :)

  2. Ditto! That china is beautiful! I like the 1st table setting, and I love those famous birchlight candle holders! Did you make them!??! Those are awesome!

  3. Thanks for the blogger award! :)

    And like you, it will be quite awhile before I have the stress of hosting Thanksgiving! I like just cooking a few things and sharing them with everyone at someone else's house! hehe

  4. @ Britt - Thanks so much!! My uncle made those birch candle holders. I call them famous because they are used in practically every table I set from October to March. Hahaha :)

  5. @ Ashley - I'm completely with you. I can't even imagine hosting Thanksgiving. I'm making the pies this year and that's enough! hahaha.

  6. The China is beautiful! I love Look #2!

  7. I'm obsessed with pinecones right now so I love look #3. Thanks again for stopping by Boy + Girl!
    - Diana

  8. Look at you decorating with a scarf! How clever and cute!!

  9. Pretty China! I like the idea of using older books in the centerpiece...I will definitely remember that one =)
    I didn't add silverware or napkins to my table when I was decorating it last week either-too much work!

  10. Love your dining room! It looks great!