Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Hunt

I mentioned way back in our living room reveal post that our room was only about 60% done. Our to-do list looked like this:
     - Hang art/pictures on walls
     - Get a rug for the front door   completed!
     - Get a loveseat 
     - Paint trimwork
     - Find/make throw pillows   completed!

Well we've been working on that third item. Finding a loveseat. Who would have thought it'd be so hard? 

We wanted a loveseat that complimented the couch we already had. We were looking for:
- Higher back
- Wooden legs
- Slightly rolled arm

After an exhaustive online search, we decided to visit Wolf & Interiors. Both of these are fairly local stores that we've heard fantastic things about. So we had high expectations. These high expectations were immediately shot down by the store's equally high prices.

Then we decided to visit La-z-boy Furniture.
The one loveseat that we really liked was the Bella. 
We want to get it in a fabric that coordinates with the couch we already have. . . so we narrowed it down to these 2 choices.

We mapped out how much space the couch would take up. If you notice the frog tape - that's the length of the couch
You'll have to excuse the shoes / bags / artwork - just keeping it real people :)

After some serious photoshop efforts by Justin, we chose the couch in the "Mollasses" color. We went this past Tuesday to order it but had a change of heart in the store. We want to look at a few more places before we finally decide if it's the one for us. Try on a few more couches.

Yeah, we're those indecisive people.

This weekend we're planning on visiting Raymour & Flannigan and American Signature Furniture. Hopefully by Monday we'll have it all together!

Any recommendations? What do you think of the Bella - is she our beauty? Did your couch search take months too? 


  1. I love that molasses color - If you are having second thoughts though, I'd ditch it. Go with your gut :)

  2. Furniture shopping is fun but not at the same time.

    Kev and I bought a new couch around this time last year (it's in our basement so I've yet to debut it). I wish now we took a little more time to shop because I'm not super happy with it. So shop on and find exactly what you like!

  3. Kevin and I do the same thing (on everything)! We research, ask around, read reviews, make a decision, and immediately change our minds.

    Glad to hear we're not the only ones!

  4. @ Melanie & Brandi - Thanks girls! We'll definitely go with our guts and not rush the whole "let's buy a loveseat" thing. :) I"m hoping this weekend we either find something we love or are reassured of our love for Bella.

  5. @ Jess - Hahaha. It's comforting to hear that Justin and I aren't the only crazy noncommital ones out there. I didn't even bat an eye when we got married - but buying a couch . . . that's another story :)

  6. I agree with all of the other comments. My husband and I bought a sofa from Restoration last year and, although we really enjoy the couch, I probably would have chosen a slightly different style if I could go back and do it again. If you have any doubts... hold off!

    Also, not exactly sure what your aesthetic is or what price-point you are looking in, but you may want to consider even ikea with a separate slip cover. makes really beautiful washed linen slip covers which make the sofa look really high end.

    Best wishes on your sofa hunt! - Rachel

  7. I like both colors, but I agree with everyone, wait until you are sure!
    Kevin and I desperately need to purchase a new sofa for our living room, and I am sure I will be just as indecisive! Good luck!

  8. @ Rachel - I'll check out that website! Thanks for the tip!!

    @ Kelly - Waiting until we're positive is definitely the general consensus and the best advice. Thanks! We desperately need some more seating, but also don't want to spend lots of money on something we don't love. So the hunt continues :)

  9. Check out this post:, it definitely reminds me of your dilemma right now! I would love to buy a couch (if we were searching) from Custom Sofa Design with all of their great looks. Best of luck with the hunt :).

  10. @ Morgan - wow that website is great! Thanks for sharing! :)