Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dresser Reveal!!

I came home from work last night to find Justin in the basement putting the hardware on our dressers!! Serious excitement took place over here at the Rothenberger household. Now, before I move on to the beauties, let's do a quick recap. The dressers were white and very heavily distressed to begin with and after scraping the paint off we were left with this (more on that process here). . .

And my 2 for $15 yard sale end tables looked like this.

I haven't shown the old hardware yet, so brace yourselves. They were blue and yellow, and they alternated for each drawer. My 7th grade self is a little embarrassed by this choice - but in the 90s they were rocking!

We did try sanding the paint off of the handles, but it was downright impossible. This gave me an excuse to buy all new hardware. Oh what a happy day that was! We chose Amerock Atherly hardware in antique silver from Home Depot. The knobs were $2.98 each and the pulls were $3.48 each which came to a little under $50 for 7 knobs and 8 pulls. What can I say? We splurged once we saw their antique color and delicate details. My pictures didn't do justice to their beauty so I grabbed some from the company's website.
My heart starts beating fast around them.

Anyway, back to the real juice of the story - the dressers! I do not have a very steady hand, so instead of attempting to paint straight lines along the edges by the opening of the drawers, we decided to tape them off with some good ole' frog tape. When we pulled the tape off we were left with perfectly straight lines! Sweet!

Side note: We decided not to paint the inside of the drawers because they're solid wood and still in great condition. At some point they need to be repapered - but that's a project for another day when I'm not high on poly fumes. We did however paint the inside of the end tables because they were a wacky green color and, well, that just didn't jive with our black beauties.

I got home just in time to get a picture of Justin attaching the last dresser pull. We had pre-measured and drilled the holes prior to painting.

Finally, the moment you've all been waiting for . . .

Would you like to see them in their natural habitat? Oh okay fine. Here's the little fella!

And our big boy. . .

And the gorgeous end tables.

And the entire room in all her glory . . .

I am so happy with the way the dressers turned out! There are a few things we would have done differently - but more on that tomorrow. For now, let's just bask in their beauty.

So what do you think? Do you love them? Or did I let you down?

And please keep in mind, our bedroom is far from done. 

Our short list looks like this:
- Paint walls
- Patch and repair ceiling
- New ceiling fan (coming soon!)
- Add some artwork / pictures
- New curtains 

Our long list looks like this:
- Replace carpeting
- Redo trim work
- Crown moulding? (a girl can dream, right?)

By the way, if you noticed the plastic storage bin - 100s point to you for being observant. Then minus 200 points to you for pointing out our shortcomings. Just kidding. :) But, we do need to figure out a better extra clothes storage solution soon (say that 10 times fast). You see, both of those dressers were mine before Justin & I got married so now that we share, there isn't enough space for everything. I'm thinking a clothes clean-out is in our near future.

Well I'm off to go stare at the dressers until my friend Amanda gets here. We're going to this fantastic store downtown that sells partially used craft supplies for super cheap. It's amazing... we're talking wreath forms and fabric scraps for a quarter. Have a great day!


  1. They look awesome!
    It looks like you just went out and bought them at a store, so cool. :)

  2. Ahhh they look AMAZING!!!!!! You did such a great job! I'm super impressed. :)

  3. Wow they turned out great!

    This used craft store that you speak, what is it's name and where is it? I want to go to there.

  4. @ Brandi - Thanks! The craft store is called Lancaster Creative Reuse and it's on Queen Street in downtown lancaster. They're open strange hours so you should check out the website before you head over.
    You'll love the place though - it's fantastic!! :)

  5. They turned out really nice! I can't get over the $15 night stands =) Great find!

  6. They look fabulous and classy! You guys did an awesome job!

  7. Holy AMAZING!!!! WOW!! Gives me some motivation to work on my guys did a fantastic job!

  8. Awesome job! I love re-finishing furniture. They look so nice.

    And thanks so much for your sweet words and prayers. It is always a comfort to remember that God is in control. And He's trustworthy and good. :)

  9. @ Anna & Kelly & Ashley & Katie & Faith
    Thanks so much for all the sweet words!! :)

  10. They look great! We have two old dressers in our bedroom that are going to get it soon, I hope they turn out half this good!

  11. Very nice!!! I really like the look you gave these peices. Kudos!! :)

  12. Okay--you deserve an award for having the patience to strip the previous paint off of them. My muscles hurt just thinking about it. :) Nicely done, you two!

  13. Those rocking handles would sell at the LCR store.