Monday, November 14, 2011

Shopping Spoils

At the end of our dresser reveal post, I mentioned this local store that sells partially used craft supplies for super cheap. Well, if you read yesterday's post you would have seen that I'm all about saving moolah. So naturally a store that sells fabric scraps and wreath forms for cents, I was all over like white on rice.

I went to this store last week with my friend Amanda. It took us about an hour to really scour the store and discover the loot we wanted to call our babies, but it was so worth it. Wanna see my spoils? 

They have a big container full of old buttons. You can fill up a cup of buttons for $1.50. I specifically chose blue/gray buttons for a project I have in mind. You'll have to just hold your breath until I reveal the project. 

For 0.75 cents, this bag of burlap scraps was mine. Some of the pieces are smaller, but some are fairly large. I think I'm going to use this to jazz up the Christmas wreath I've been working on (details coming soon!).

For 0.50 cents, I bought this fabric scrap. It has red and pink hearts and glitter. I'm going to hem the edges and make a table runner for Valentine's day. It's the one day of the year I can decorate with pink hearts and glitter and you better believe George I'm going to milk that sucker for all it's worth.
* That glitter makes me giddy.

Now my big splurge of the day. . . For $1.75, I bought a fabric scrap that is 1 3/4 yard long and 56" wide. We were about to leave the store when Amanda spotted this baby lying under some other fabric scrapes. And when she decided not to buy it, my heart may have squealed a little. I am going to make this darling in to a beautiful tree skirt. It fits perfectly with my theme for the year! (Don't worry, I'll start talking about Christmas as soon as Thanksgiving is over!)

And lastly, this old wooden art piece was sitting in the corner at the back of the store. It's mustardy-yellow color called to me and asked if I would bring it home. For $1, there was no way I would let this baby go unnoticed again. You can see the black trim is missing on 2 edges. I'm either going to make 2 more trim pieces or pull the other 2 pieces off and paint the edges . . . I haven't decided yet.
Grand Total: $5.83 

I'm so excited to have all these new projects that need to be done! Is it too early to decorate for Valentine's day? What good spoils have you found lately?

ps: if you're interested in finding a creative reuse store near you, check out this link. Creative Reuse doesn't know that I exist and they certainly didn't ask me to write about their awesomeness - I just wanted all 6 of my readers to know about this great resource. All of the opinions I've expressed are entirely my own.


  1. i've found some really great 'spoils' lately! for example, i found some picture frames, pillow inserts, and i can't remember what else. i'll post about it soon.

  2. That's quite haul you got for less than $6!

    There's a store in Philly! I may just have to go and check it out...

  3. @ Brandi - You'll have to share your spoils if you go :)

  4. Awesome! I love that $1 sign; great find!

  5. Nice score on the burlap! Where is this place at? (For privacy reasons, if you don't want people knowing which city you live in, you can email me the location

    Love that sign too.