Tuesday, November 15, 2011

MTV Cribs Style

I was hopping around CNN yesterday when I stumbled upon this article. National Clean out your Refrigerator Day. Huh. Somehow this holiday didn't show up on my google calendar. 

Well, as I read the article I realized I had 2 things: 
1. 40 minutes until I needed to get ready for work
2. A messy and neglected fridge

So I did what any crazy lady would do and filled a bucket up with hot water/soap and emptied out that ole' refrigerator box. 

 I'll spare you the before shot!


Note: Go shopping soon!!
I try to keep track of what's in our fridge that way I'm not throwing away spoiled food. Remember, I like to save money? So the only spoiled food we had was a half-full container of sour cream and a thing of crescent rolls. I'm not sure how those rolls managed to stay under my radar that long - they usually get gobbled up faster than cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving dinner.

What I continued to neglect though was the freezer. And it's definitely ready for a good clean out. It's on my to-do list. 

Did anyone else have any random cleaning bouts recently? How do you organize your fridge - do you put condiments or drinks on the door? I used to have the drinks on the door but I rearranged yesterday so it holds more condiments. So far, so good.


  1. I am impressed that you saw something on tv and decided to clean out your fridge. That's way impressive, especially considering you weren't watching Hoarders!

    I clean out my fridge pretty much never. With 4 people in the house it's not easy to just get rid of stuff since it might not be yours, that is of course only if it's not way bad!

  2. Oh my goodness that is so impressive! You have now made me want to go clean out ours!!

  3. Our fridge is a mess; I need to do this! Great job =)
    We usually have condiments and drinks on the door and squish everything else in the middle.

  4. How weird! This is on my to-do list for today. There's no way I'm letting my mother and mother-in-law see the horrors that lurk just inside our fridge door this Thanksgiving. I'm fairly sure there's some leftovers there from June...

    The freezer and pantry are also getting the once-over today. Hopefully I won't have to throw much away, just do a bunch of organizing.

  5. @ littlehouse - Weird! Good luck with your clean-out today. Maybe I'll feel motivated later this week to tackle our freezer/pantry. :)

  6. @ Kelly - I just got back from grocery shopping so now the middle is all squished up with everything too :)

  7. haha I posted about cleaning out my fridge sometime this summer...good times. I love a good "oh I'm in suspense about what might be in this container" moment, minus the smell that usually accompanies opening said container. I am impressed that you only had one container of spoiled food!

    I just realized that your name is Regan--my little sister's name is Regan and I've never "met" someone with her name spelled the same way before! How do you pronounce your version of "Regan"? (If you don't mind me asking.) :)

  8. @ Erin - Hahah that suspenseful moment is pretty awesome. I've been on the losing end of that several times though.

    I've never "met" another Regan either. My name is pronounced Reee-gan. I always tell people to picture an extra e in there because that's how it sounds. Is that how your sister's name is pronounced too !??! :)

  9. How did I miss so many posts? Geez! The fridge is looking great. Sometimes when I open the fridge and see it's a mess, I just rearrange a few things and it makes me feel better, haha!