Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Colorful Creation

Disclaimer: Today's post is random and has nothing to do with home improvement or painting things black (shocker!). It's just that every so often something other than shiny candlesticks and burlap pillows stops me dead in my tracks and brings me back. It makes me realize how small I am and how unimportant the shade of green in our kitchen is. 

A little backstory . . . Justin & I help out with the youth group at our church. I basically gab with the girls, and Justin leads the teen worship band. 
Before youth group on Sunday while I was watching them practice, I noticed something beyond the 80s couches. . . 
I frantically ran outside to take some pictures of it.

For a moment, this view left me - the girl that has way too much to say -  simply speechless.

It reminds me that when I sit on the couch and look over paint swatches - there isn't a color in the world that God didn't create. And there isn't a thing in the world He doesn't know about. 

And I find a whole lot of comfort in that.

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands. 
Psalm 19:1

Has anything taken your breath away lately?


  1. Wow...those COLORS! I'm so glad you were able to capture it. Such a stunning sky. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. @ Ashley - I was so glad I was able to get pictures of it too! You should have seen me running out the doors :)

  3. Great post! I ran outside to take pictures of a similar sky a couple months ago. I love that you and your husband help with youth group husband and I are on the worship team together, and I think it's awesome to have a shared ministry. :)

    And yes!!! My sister's name is ALSO pronounced Reeeeegan! My grandpa still calls her "Reagan" as in "Ronald" sometimes. She's 13. :P

  4. @ Erin - Yeah we're all about the shared ministry. Nothing like a little volunteer church action to make a marriage strong :)

    I can now say I've "met" another Regan. Sweet!!

  5. oh man i love this post!! it so amazing to see God's creation isn't it? thanks for sharing!

  6. Thanks for this post. The word "perspective" is what hits me after reading it - something as simple as a stunning sunset really puts things in the right perspective! (ps - I used to help out with our youth group for a few years! loved gabbing with the girls!!)

  7. What an awesome reminder. Every color everywhere was created by our God. Nothing like the glory of God! I have been reminded of his beauty just by looking at our newborn daughter. She is beautiful... created in His image.

  8. Agreed. God created each and everything, even the colors. And the sky really does look amazing