About the Rothenbergers

Hi! Thanks for stopping by our blog!

About the Rothenbergers:
My name is Regan and that handsome fella in the stocks next to me is my husband Justin. We are a young, Christian couple enjoying the new adventures that go along with home ownership. This blog is mainly a way for us to compile all of our projects and keep our families (and anyone else that feels like tuning in) updated. Even though we put a lot of time and energy in to our home, we realize it is not our true treasure. Matthew 6:20 says, "But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal." Our time on this Earth is limited and, even though we love our home, our true focus is on eternal things. 

On this blog you can expect to see both small and large renovation projects. This old house has provided us with a never-ending to-do list
and we're slowly tackling the projects as our time and money is saved up. While we like to tackle most projects together, our talents are usually very different. Justin is, without a doubt, the handy go-to man around these parts and I'm more of the crafter/idea-generator. Although we're both learning from each other and learning as we go :)

Things we love:
Jesus, our families, the church we grew up in, our brick beauty, sweets, the office . . . and each other!

About Team Rothenberger:
We got married on July 9, 2011! Our wedding was a total DIY party from start to finish and even though we loved every minute of it, we are so excited to be starting the next phase in our lives. Our pictures are still being edited, so check back for updates soon!

About our Brick Beauty:
This brick beauty is our first home. We settled on our house just 9 days before our wedding, which was both a whirlwind and a blessing. Our home was built in 1947 - back when closets were small and one bathroom was the norm. 


  1. Just read this - want to be friends? :-) I LOVE that you guys want to put time and work into your house but fully realize it is not our true treasure!! That makes everything you do even MORE fun.

  2. SOOO glad you stopped by my blog today! I'm in love with your blog. Seriously. I'm your newest follower. We've got a really old house as well, and we put lots of work into it, too. But you really hit the nail on the head, our treasures are in heaven!

  3. @ the rookie years - sweetest comment ever. :)

  4. After reading your blog for a bit now, I just realized my husband (also Justin) and I got married on the same day as you! 7-9-11!

  5. Love this :)...we are a megan and justin haha!