Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Refinishing Dressers - Part Four

We're almost at the end - I promise!!

After the Chocolate Cherry dried, we painted another coat of black on top. Then we distressed the edges using a fine-grit sandpaper. It was hard to capture the cherry color coming through- but you can kind of see it in the pictures below. It's much more of a contrast in person though.

After the all the dressers/drawers were sanded, we started the whole polyurethane process. Some people don't like poly and I'm usually not a huge fan either, but when we distressed the edges some of the paint muted to a grayish color so we needed to revive the black with some poly. And, we plan on using these dressers forever because they took forever to finish so we want them to withhold many years of use and misuse.

Fortunately Saturday was a pretty nice day here and we were able to poly outside. Which is probably a good thing because I'm pretty sure our heads were spinning from all the fumes.

Towards the end of our poly-session our cheap-o foam brushes broke. Since we're cheap and lazy (not a good combination) we chose to duct tape them back together instead of driving the 3.3 miles to Lowes. Yes that's how close we live to Lowes - it's a blessing and a curse, trust me.

After the first coat of poly was finished, we sanded the fellas down again and applied one final coat of poly (with new brushes this time).

And here they are drying in the other half of our basement. You'll have to use your tunnel vision and ignore the rest of the room. It's not very pretty. But come on, it is a basement.
 * By the way, do you notice that tacky gold fan in the corner? I've got big plans for that so don't wander too far. Actually you can wander - I may not get around to that for a few days anyway. Unless you want to stay and keep reading about our dressers. No? Now I'm embarrassed. 

As I'm typing this the dressers are drying and anxiously awaiting their new hardware. I may actually be revealing them tomorrow!

So what do you think of our dressers this far? Are you sick of hearing about them? Is anyone else devouring leftover Halloween candy like it's their job? I just ate a pack of M&Ms for breakfast. . . all that chocolate cherry talk made me hungry. So delicious. :)


  1. It's really coming together! Can't wait to see the finished product.

  2. I despise poly. It was such a pain in the butt when I was finishing my dressers.

  3. I can't stop eating candy corn. It's getting bad.

    Looking pretty good! You're keeping me in complete suspense and I can't wait to see where they end up.

  4. @ Brandi
    I hear ya! I'm thinking about taking my candy to work so my co-workers eat it all. But that would mean less for me . . . and i'm selfish :)

  5. They're really looking great! You guys went above and beyond with this! I'm super impressed!

    And yes, I'm still eating our Halloween candy. I really need to bring it to work or church or something or else I'm just going to turn into a fun size candy bar.

  6. hi there, this is beautiful. and i absolutely love your blog.

    i have always wondered if people paint the inside of the shelves upon redoing a piece of furniture :)

  7. @ house no. 2 - I wonder that too! From what I've gathered, some people do, but we chose not to because the dressers are so old and the wood is still solid. I'd like to repaper the insides though eventually. Although the fact that it still has the contact paper from my great-grandfather does make me a little sentimental :)

  8. that's so great about the sentimental aspect. i'm ALL about the sentimental. i have two old dressers that i think would look great if i actuatlly DID something with them. one of them in particular looks a bit like yours structurally and would make a great buffet for behind my couch. in creamy white with glass knobs. that's my vision, anyway, haha. the insides of mine, however, are in horrible shape. i wonder if they can be replaced with solid strips of thicker mdf. possibly!

  9. @ house no.2 - I just saw on your blog that you framed your grandmother's birth certificate! I love that! I have family documents/objects scattered all over the house... like my grandparents wedding invitation I have framed in our kitchen.

    As long as the drawers aren't dovetailed, you probably can replace the inside. The creamy white with glass knobs sounds gorgeous!!