Thursday, October 27, 2011

Stranger Danger

Justin & I both grew up on farms that sat back from the main road. So having random strangers stop by our house is a new thing for us . . . and each time the doorbell rings I jump up a little bit. I'm just not used to all these stranger visits. And the worst part is that I can never see who is behind our door. Every time I open the door it's a constant guessing game - is this person holding a weapon or not? 

Needless to say, we needed a peep hole. We bought the Gate House 200 degree Wide Angle Door Viewer in Oil Rubbed Bronze from Lowes for $4.98. The installation was really simple too - I broke it down in to 6 easy steps (the last two steps are optional, but I'd recommend doing them just for fun!)
Step 1: Measure the door to figure out where you want the peep hole to go.
Step 2: Use a 1/4 inch drill bit to make a starter hole.
Step 3: Create the hole using the required drill bit.
* The packaging on the door viewer will tell you what size bit to use - we used a 9/16th drill bit.
Step 4: Slide the front of the door viewer onto the outside of the door & the back of the door viewer onto the inside of the door.
Step 5: Look through the peep hole to make sure it works.
Step 6: Ask your husband to stand on the other side of the door and pretend to be a creeper.

And you're done! It's seriously the best $4.98 we spent last week :) Is anyone else making safety-conscious improvements? What's the best $5 you spent recently?


  1. We've added locks to our back yard fence gates. Since the hubs travels for work, I like knowing that no creeper is hanging out in the backyard while I'm home alone!

    The best $5 we spent in the last week was definitely on the deep fried Frito pie at the State Fair!

  2. You are too funny!

    I love that you hung a wreath on the inside of the door!