Friday, October 14, 2011

Black Beauties!

This is our postage-size front porch. I dream about one day having a home with a giant wrap-around front porch, but for now this is ours and it's pure love.
Those chairs on the other hand were not receiving all that oozy Rothenberger love. Wanna check them out closer? Okay . . .
Even though the chairs were incredibly worn out, they still had good bones and were very comfortable. So, being the cheapskate that I am I decided not to replace them just yet. Enter Valspar!
We picked up some Valspar Paint for Plastic from Lowes. First, the chairs needed a good scrubbing.
Then we applied 3 thin and even coats of spray paint. It was starting to get dark out by the time the third coat rolled around, so resourceful Justin finished the chairs up by holding a flashlight in one hand and the spray paint in the other. I helped by taking (blurry) pictures! :)

After drying/curing for 72 hours we had some black beauties!!
In real life the finish on the chairs isn't as glossy. The combination of the rain/lighting just makes them appear this way.

A side shot . . .
And what we really love about these chairs is how they're lower to the ground. With the surrounding bushes/trees and railing we feel a sense of privacy in our little twin home :)


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