Monday, October 24, 2011

Let me see ya grill!

I am a firm believer that burgers, hotdogs, steaks, and potatoes (along with 1,000 other things) taste better when grilled. So, before summer completely ended, a grill was something we had to have. Justin's grandparents had graciously offered to buy us a grill as a wedding present, so all we were left to do was pick it out.

Like any true twenty-first century kiddos, we first turned to google. Ah google. Both of our parents have Webers and we knew we wanted that brand, but in terms of specifics we needed to do some research. Who knew there were so many things to decide? The choices were as follows . . .
1. Gas or charcoal?
2. How many burners?
3. Cast-iron or porcelain-enameled cooking grates?

Okay, maybe there weren't that many decisions to make. But either way we wanted to choose correctly. This grill was going to be the life of our backyard BBQs for years to come - he had to be handsome AND able to cook meat really well.

We ended up choosing the Weber Spirit E-310 3-Burner Gas Grill. So our answers to the above questions would be . . .
1. Gas
2. 3
3. Cast-iron - this was actually really important to Justin - he wanted his meat to have the grill marks. And who can blame him? Meat really is better that way.

After deciding on what grill to get, we went to Home Depot. Lowe's only carried the porcelain-enameled grates, so HD was our go-to place this time. We had a purpose so we walked right in, picked out the grill, paid for it and pushed it to our car.

Yes, I said car. And yes, it didn't fit. Who knew grills came in such large boxes? We tried manuevering the box a thousand different ways but it wouldn't fit. Ugh. It was like those kids who take the pumpkin buckets trick-or-treating. Come on, all your candy won't fit! You need a pillowcase!!

Anyhow, my grandmother ended up picking up the grill for us (she's got a large trunk - no, not like that). And that whole experience put the final nail in the we really need to get a truck coffin. (details on that soon!)

So once we finally got the grill home and opened the box it looked like this.
You'll have to excuse my  face & the rug pad I clearly hadn't cut to size yet.

Several hours later we finally had a grill! Seriously, putting a grill together isn't for the faint of heart. You will get frustrated and want to quit, but remember the prize... steak!

Weber fits really nicely in our house. He is a black beauty after all.

Check out those two handsome fellas. And they're both mine :) I'm such a lucky lady.

So that was our grill adventure. Anyone else ever put a grill together? Did the 29 steps test your patience too? Let me know! Or maybe you just want to tell me that I talked about meat too much . . . that's okay too.


  1. Your new grill looks awesome!

    Have fun cooking up those steaks!

  2. Kevin's parents got us a grill for our wedding present, too! The boys took it out back and spent I don't know how many hours putting it together.

    And we've run into the "our car is too small for what we just bought" problem all the time! We have an SUV in the works for this spring.