Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Living Room Rebuild, Part 2

Yesterday I left you hanging with this photo of a white wire trailing from Justin's arm.
That white wire is indeed the start of our installation of recessed lighting. When we bought the house the living room was dark and only had the ceiling fan/light as a source for lighting. Even worse the switch to turn the light on was on the other side of the room, so if you came home after 7pm you had to walk across in darkness and feel for the light switch. My fear of the darkness + my clumsy nature = a need for better lighting! 

Off to Lowe's we headed . . . We purchased 6 Halo 5" New Construction Airtight IC Recessed Light Housings and 6 Halo 5" White Open Trim Recessed Lights. Even though 6" is more typically seen in homes, we decided to purchase 5" lights because they aren't as much of a focal point visually and they still put out enough light.

Rather than hiring an electrician, Justin chose to install the lights himself. Before he began, he spent many nights researching and planning how to install these without electrocuting himself. Once he had his trusty notes handy, it was time to start the project!

If you're like me these notes might as well be in Chinese.

Side note: Our house was built in 1947 and the front walls are brick with plaster on top.

This created a minor issue. The wires were not easily accessible because the walls were tight masonry walls. In order to access the wires, Justin had to remove a portion of the wall.

If you think that looks like a mess you might want to shield your eyes from the next picture.
Hey, at least the trusty notes are taped above the disaster.
The light installation took us (I use that term loosely) a couple weeks. But, my dear sweet husband managed to figure it all out and he got all 6 housings up and wired! And I'm not even going to pretend that I had a clue as to what he was doing . . . because I didn't. 


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