Friday, December 9, 2011

Stocking Splendor

Thank you for all of your get well wishes. I enjoyed reading what everyone has been working on while I've been laying around on my growing rear. 

But I'm back and I've got another Christmas decor update for you! 

My dear mother gave us an early Christmas present . . . our holiday stockings! My very talented Aunt Robin made these stockings for us. Robin runs an etsy shop that I highly encourage you to check out here. A couple items I'm really digging in her shop lately are this festive Christmas bannerthese too-cute-for-school coasters, and this adorable tea towel. 

Oh and at the end of our dresser reveal post you can catch a glimpse of the quilt she made us for a wedding present. Gorgeous I tell ya!

Okay, back to the stockings. . . 
I enjoy decorating with traditional reds and greens, so these fit perfectly with the rest of our decor. I hung some extra greens from our tree with some Christmas balls to even out the banister.
And here's the whole shebang in one shot.
Our entryway table also got a little Christmas cheer.
Pardon the horn-tooting here, but my talented husband sketched that wise men picture. I wish I had an ounce of his talent.

And here's the whole living room. The table was moved by the window to make room for the tree. The wood stove is still perched in the corner awaiting it's next move (not sure what that is yet though - but stay tuned!).

Psst: do you notice that a tv has now made its way in to our living room? We don't have cable or any real function for it yet - but we're no longer tv-less. Not sure if this 16 incher can be considered improvement though.

So tell me . . what do you think? Do you like decorating with traditional reds and greens, or do you take a more taste-the-rainbow approach? Are you surrounded by an incredibly talented family and wondering what happened to your creative genes too? Join the club :)


  1. Your Aunt's shop is really cute! I love the tea towels.

  2. I love those stockings, they are adorable!! And the banners in your aunt's shop are awesome! Glad you are feeling better!! :)

  3. 1. Love the stockings!
    2. Love your Aunt's shop!
    3. Love your tree!

    I've always been very traditional with Christmas, but this year I'm going in a slightly different direction, although I'm worried I might be going a little too white. We'll see...

  4. Your decorating is lovely. Your tree is perfect! Those stockings are so nice! We have the dollar tree special stockings. I need to step it up!

  5. Those stockings are wonderful! We have dollar store stockings from when we first got married. I was going to try to DIY some stockings, but I don't think I'm up to it! I'm totally a red/green Christmas girl. I love that greenery on your stairs, too. That's an awesome touch :)

  6. Yes. I have an incredibly talented family and wonder what the heck happened to me. It comes naturally to them and I have to work at every little bit of it.

    Your living room looks gorgeous!

  7. @ Brandi - I"m not sure there can be too much white :)

  8. @ the rookie years - I don't think I could DIY stockings. I am a mess with a needle and thread. Maybe you could work on that project poolside next summer? :) I always feel more motivated to do things out of season.

  9. How festive! I love the fun mix of fabrics in your stockings. How cool, too, that they were made by a family member! And I still always have to look twice when I see the name "Regan" because of my's not a name you see every day! Your parents had good taste in choosing it. ;) :)

  10. That sketch by your husband is amazing! Very talented indeed. I've been doing a gold/chocolate brown/ivory theme for my Christmas decor the past few years. I think next year I will do some deep reds and whites.

  11. Your husband is very talented! I would love a picture like that!
    Your setup looks very festive and cozy! So beautiful!
    And Aunt Robin is very talented, too!

  12. @TheChangingHouse- Aw thanks!! you're so sweet :)

  13. oooooo... love those stockings! I tend to decorate in golds and silvers, but when I do dabble in color, its just the traditional red and green too. Can't beat a classic!

  14. Very cute! My mom made our whole extended family stockings over the years. She was too busy this year to make one for the BF but he's next in line.
    I'm also very amazed by your lack of cable. I didn't have it all summer but now I'm addicted again, sigh.