Monday, December 12, 2011

Nativity Sets Galore

It's so easy for me to get caught up in all the hoopla of Christmas. The twinkling lights and shiny ornaments distract me. I foolishly focus on decorating the Christmas tree and making my holiday cards. 

And that's why I love nativity sets. For me, they are a constant reminder that all this decorating and gift giving is done to celebrate the greatest gift of all - Jesus. My almighty Savior humbled Himself and entered this world as babe born in a stable. Nothing is sweeter or more sacrificial than that.

If my money tree ever produces its fruits, I'm going to purchase several nativity sets and fill every blank table with one. Then I'd walk all around my house smiling and crying and laughing because that's what the Christmas story fills me with - hope and humility and joy. 

In the meantime, I have selected 4 of the most beautiful nativity sets from Etsy to share with all of you. Each of these sets has captured my heart in a special way because I find them capturing the joy of Jesus' birth through their simplistic and rustic goodness.

*Disclaimer: I contacted all of these sellers from Etsy and it is with their permission that I am sharing their sets below. Some of the sellers even included a special discount for my readers in case you want to purchase one of these sets for your home. These are in no specific order - they're all stellar in my book.

Seller: Designs by Shandi
Link To Nativity Set
Discount: 15% with the code "RRBLOG"
I love how simple this set is. I especially love how baby Jesus is wrapped up with Mary and Joseph - it's exactly the way I imagine the proud parents to be on that first Christmas morning. And look at that sheep - adorable!

Seller: North Wind Metal Art
Link To Nativity Set
I love how rustic looking this nativity set is. It would look great sitting on a mantel above a fireplace! 

Seller: Lindsay Gaines
Link To Nativity Set
This set is so fun! I love the clay figures and the star above the creche. This would be especially cute in a kid's room!

Seller: Happy Bungalow
Link To Nativity Set
Discount: 10% with the code "snowflake11"
This set is stunning. I love how it is handmade with several different kinds of wood. You can see that a lot of time was poured into this piece. I also like how this set would be perfect for older children to play with. My mom had a set specifically for us kids to tinker with and I have many fond memories of playing with it as a child.

So there are my top 4 Etsy picks! But if I had to pick my most favorite nativity set of all time, it would be the Willow Tree Nativity Set. I love all of the Willow Tree figurines and this one especially captures the joy of Christmas morning. 

So what is your favorite Christmas decor item? Does your heart swoon over Christmas trees, or do you love nativity sets like me? Does anyone else have a favorite nativity set too? 


  1. You know the nativity set I love.... Willow Tree! I just wish I had more space to display it nicely like they do in the picture....
    Mine looks squished here..
    The North Wind Metal Art is very nice, too! I would love that one!

  2. Cute nativity sets! We always had one on the house growing up, but I've never gotten one for myself. I think the Willow Tree one is my favorite, but I also like the blocks at the top. It's simple but you still know exactly what it is.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Willow Tree nativity set! Love it SO much! All of the ones you've shown from etsy are pretty adorable, too, but my favorite is probably the first one!

  4. I love my nativity set! It's one that my mom used to display when we were little. My sister and I loved to play with it, and you can tell by the glued on heads of a wiseman and camel. My made the creche herself out of paper and raffia. It's not the most glamorous Christmas decoration I own, but it's definitely my favorite!

  5. I love the North Wind Metal one! I also saw one on another blog that was a silhouette on glass blocks that had lights inside! I dont have a nativity set this year, but now it's definitely on my list for next year!

  6. @ Ashely - do you know the link to that set? I'd love to see it!! I don't have a nativity set either . . . but it's definitely something i'm saving up for :)

  7. I LOVE your quote about smiling and laughing and crying. It is perfect.

    I am drawn to the Happy Bungalow set because it is almost identical to one my parents have that I remember playing with growing up! The only nativity set we have right now is a Little People one. I guess it is better than nothing....

  8. Ditto to Katie said! That is such a beautiful description! I have the Willow Tree nativity and I love it. Our tree actually fell ON it and nothing broke, so it's pretty resilient, in addition to being pretty... :)